BIBLIOGRAPHY - A Select Bibliography of Writings About Edward Whittemore

This biblography of reviews and articles on Edward Whittemore and his books was mostly compiled by Mike Simanoff, with a few contributions from myself. I have added many of them to the site and they are linked as such. Some can be viewed on other web sites, but a number of them are unavailable for viewing. I would be most appreciative if anyone out there has copies of the more obscure articles and reviews, and would be willing to contribute them to this site in either hard copy or by email.

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Articles, Essays, Other

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Other Reviews evidenced by book blurbs and a bit of research on the web
Kirkus Review had the following reviews:
Review of Jerusalem Poker April 1, 1978
Review of Nile Shadows January 1, 1983
Review of Jericho Mosaic January 15, 1987

Sinai Tapestry - British Paperback edition 1979
( book blurb mentions reviews from the following newspapers)
The Birmingham Post
Publishers Weekly
Rhoda Lerman

Jerusalem Poker - British Paperback edition 1980
( book blurb mentions reviews from the following newspapers)
The Guardian
Evening News
Irish Times
Manchester Evening News

Nile Shadows
Mentioned in Wallace's memoir there is a review of this book in Publisher's Weekly


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