Open Road Media - Ebook publishers who will be issuing the Whittemore books shortly in ebook format.
  Ecstatic Days - Jeff VanderMeer's Official Site & Blog - informative and fun stuff from Jeff.
  Helen Bar-Lev's web site - beautiful water colours of Jerusalem. Helen Bar-Lev lived with Whittemore in Jerusalem while he was writing Jericho Mosaic.
Erik Davis - Techgnosis - a veritable mind feast of entertaining and thought provoking musings on popular culture.
Locus Online - have a truly awesome Links Portal as well as up to date news & views in the speculative fiction field.
Mervyn Peake - a lovely site dedicated to Mervyn Peake (another of my favorite writers) maintained by his son Sebastian Peake.
Ellen Datlow's home page
The SF Site - good reviews, articles and links to other great Science Fiction sites
Fantastic Metropolis - a site dedicated to promoting good literature in the Fantasy field
The Modern Word - an excellent literary site, with quality reviews and web pages dedicated to outstanding modern writers
Book Munch - a British literary site which packs a punch and displays exceptionally good taste in books
  Jean-Daniel Breque - French Translator of the Whittemore books - has a column on Dan Simmons' website.
  Clare Dudman writes novels about obscure historical figures such Wegener & Dr Hoffmann. Please also visit her wonderful blog Keeper of Snails

Cat Politics - my blog

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