Many thanks to Sharon Olinka for allowing me to reproduce her poem about Whittemore on this site . It is from her book The Good City, a collection of poems about the destruction of Smyrna in 1922, and the creation of modern Izmir.

Smyrna burning September 1922

Whittemore's Smyrna

Entire cities vanish. Cries of the murdered.
No one listens. Disturbing residue
from the past shut out,
avoided, by one bountiful
museum admission.
The all-inclusive
columns. Silver goblets.
Smiles of painted saints.

When I breathed in burned
dead people, after the World Trade
Center fell, I knew the air
would never be the same. Any air. We spoke
of it at the time, my friends
and I, as if we were
buying bread. And Edward Whittemore,

I can no longer
look at monuments,
with any trust
or confidence,
that they might know
my name.

~ Sharon Olinka ~
from The Good City
(copyright, Marsh Hawk Press, 2006)
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