Photos of Edward Whittemore
Whittemore in Jerusalem - Poems & Sketches by Helen Bar-Lev
  Whittemore's Smyrna - a poem by Sharon Olinka
Letter received from Edward Whittemore 1981
Letter from Edward Whittemore to Mitch Pilcer 1995 (pdf 1.01mb)
Tom Wallace's Notes on Jericho Mosaic (pdf 703kb)
Invitation to Old Earth Books book launch at Gotham Books November 2002
Advertisement for OEB Editions (pdf 693kb)
Dutch Promotional Brochure (pdf 591kb)
Time Line/ Chronology of the Jerusalem Quartet
  Who's Who in the Jerusalem Quartet
  Whittemore Quotations
Whittemore Calendar 2009 (pdf 4.5mb)
Whittemore Calendar 2006 (pdf 1.24mb)
Whittemore Calendar 2005 (pdf 1.2mb)
  Greek Brochure from Govostis for Jerusalem Quartet promotion (in Greek) pdf 6.2mb NEW
  Greek Press Release for Jerusalem Quartet (in Greek) pdf 394kb NEW
  Jerusalem Poker Prologue - (missing from Open Road eBook edition) pdf 11kb NEW

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