What's New - May 2021
A new article on Edward Whittemore's Jerusalem Quartet written by Peter Theroux was published yesterday, 10 May 2021, in Tablet Magazine and can be read online here:

What's New - February 2018
As seems to be the norm, years pass before any new content comes to my notice, but today I have put up a new First Impression by Nick de Gooijer from Holland. Thanks Nick!

I also noticed today a lengthy recent appraisal of the Jerusalem Quartet by Greg Burgas on Atomic Junk Shop.

What's New - August 2015
It has been a couple of years since I've updated the site with new content, but thanks to Dionysia Zafira from Govostis Publishers I have added covers for Greek editions of the Jerusalem Quartet to the Covers page and a Brochure and Press Release on the Miscellaneous Page.

Also added are covers for Latvian editions of the Jerusalem Quartet, which I stumbled upon the other day. These editions are published by Dienas Gramata.

I've also added the cover to the Jerusalem Quartet Omnibus eBook edition from Open Road Media. The Omnibus is currently $US 12.97 on - a bargain for four Ebooks in one.

As August 3rd was the 20th Anniversary of Whittemore's death, I've marked the occasion by adding links to two interesting reviews of the Jerusalem Quartet on the Articles page.

What's New - July 2013
Open Road Media will be publishing Ebook editions of all five Whittemore novels on 23 July 2013.

More information on these editions is available at:

What's New - May 2013
It certainly has been a long time between news notifications, but there is finally some GOOD NEWS.
Open Road Media will be publishing QUIN'S SHANGHAI CIRCUS and THE JERUSALEM QUARTET in Ebook editions on 23 July 2013. More news on these editions will be posted here when it becomes available.

Tom Wallace has revised his foreward to the Jerusalem Quartet and the updated version is now online here. It contains some important new material and insights on the author, missing in the original version.

What's New - May 2011
Today, I stumbled across a new cover for Sinai Tapestry - it's the Portuguese Edition published by Ulisseia 2010. I have added it to the Covers page. An ebook version of it appears to be available at

What's New - July 2010
It's been a year since I last put an update on the site, but I have a few new things to report, the first being a new photo sent to me by Helen Bar-Lev of Whittemore sitting typing at his desk in the flat in the Ethiopian Compound in Jerusalem. Check it out on the Author photo page.

I noticed today (5 July 2010) that someone has set up a Facebook page for Edward Whittemore. Join up if you feel inclined.

What's New - July 2009
Reported by a kind correspondent, the Sinai Bible is now online in digital format. Story here.

What's New - May 2009
News just in from Jean-Daniel Breque:
"... just learned here :
that "Les Murailles de Jéricho" (the French version of Jericho Mosaic) was awarded the "Prix du Cafard Cosmique" for a book published in 2008. Le Cafard Cosmique (which can be translated as The Cosmic Roach, but also The Cosmic Blues) is a website devoted to SF, fantasy & horror, which posts essays, interviews and book reviews and has a lively forum.

What's New - April 2009
I recently came upon this book, Twentieth-century Epic Novels By Theodore Louis Steinberg,when doing a Google search on Whittemore. It sounds very interesting and Steinberg's appraisal of Whittemore's novels is detailed and thoughtful. The link above leads to sample pages, not the whole chapter, though there are enough pages to pique the interest. The book also covers the Alexandria Quartet and Olivia Manning's Fortunes of War sequence as well as other well known epic novels.

What's New - November 2008
The 2009 Edward Whittemore Calendar is available for download on the Miscellaneous page in pdf format (4.5 mbs) Or you can open it directly by clicking here. The above image is an example of the format.

What's New - July 2008
Jean-Daniel Breque has kindly pointed out that the oldest bible, Codex Sinaiticus, has a new web presence. The Codex Sinaiticus Project is an international collaboration to reunite the entire manuscript in digital form and make it accessible to a global audience for the first time. It can be found at this address: This bible is the obvious inspiration for the original bible which features in Sinai Tapestry.

Helen Bar-Lev has just sent me a new Whittemore poem. I have added it to the Whittemore in Jerusalem page here.

What's New - March 2008
The Dutch Edition of Jericho Mosaic (Jericho Mozaiek) is to be published in April. I have added the cover image to the Covers Page. Many thanks to Jacqueline from Luitingh for sending me the image.

I have also added a new page to the miscellaneous section. It is a page of quotations from the five books of Edward Whittemore. I recently reread the books and noted down phrases and paragraphs that struck me as eminently quotable.

What's New - February 2008
The French edition of Jericho Mosaic (Les murailles de Jéricho) is soon to be published. I have added the cover image to the Covers Page. Thanks to Jean-Daniel Breque for directing me to it. You can read the press release here.

What's New - December 2007
December 19th - Melody Lesser has sent me a new contribution to the First Impressions page. It's a beauty - thanks very much Melody. You can read it here. As always, any new contributions are most welcome.

Found by chance today, a couple of new cover images. They are for Russian editions of Quin's Shanghai Circus and Jerusalem Poker. I have added them to the covers page.

Whats New - November 2007
Jean-Daniel Breque
has been awarded the Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire in the"Best Translator" category for his work on The Jerusalem Quartet. Congratulations Jean-Daniel!

OF Blog of the Fallen
has selected the Jerusalem Quartet as the first of its discussions on Obscure Classics in the speculative fiction field. A succinct dissertation on the books, it's nice to see that people are still interested in writing about Whittemore and encouraging others to read his books

Whats New - September 2007
Many thanks to Jean Daniel Breque for sending his definitive and final updates to the Jerusalem Quartet Time Line and the Who's Who of literary and historical sources found in the Quartet. These pages have now been updated.

Whats New - June 2007
The Dutch Edition of Nile Shadows (Nijl Schaduwen) has just been published. I have added the cover image to the Covers page. Cover image is courtesy of the publisher Luitigh.

What's New - February 2007
The French edition of Nile Shadows (Ombres sur le Nile) has just been published. I have added the cover image to the Covers Page. Thanks to Jean-Daniel Breque for directing me to it. Click here for the French blurb

Sharon Olinka, a New York poet, has sent me a copy of her poem Whittemore's Smyrna and has graciously allowed me to add it to the site.

I 've managed to track down a copy of the New York Times Obituary to Whittemore so have added it to
the site. It gives Whittemore's birthplace as Manchester NH, so I've corrected the biography accordingly.
Previously, I had assumed Maine as his place of birth as he had attended high school there.

I've also added a review of Quin's Shanghai Circus from Time Magazine to the articles page. I came across it recently when googling for new Whittemore information.
It's not all that good a review, but for the completist it might prove interesting.

What's New - November 2006
First of all - welcome to the new look site!

Jerusalem Dreaming now has its own domain name -
The site has been, up to now, hosted on my ISP home page. It was almost reaching the limit of space allocated, so I thought I would move it to a new hosting service and that required obtaining a domain name. Please update your favourites/bookmarks to reflect the new web address.

The new site design has a few new navigation categories - news & miscellaneous - to make it easier to find previously obscure documents etc. The miscellaneous page contains odds & ends that don't fit anywhere else.

What's New - April 2006
An Italian edition of Sinai Tapestry was published on 31 March 2006. I have added the cover of this edition to the Covers page.

What's New - January 2006
I have added the cover for the Dutch edition of Jerusalem Poker to the Covers page.

As there are now a number of foreign (non-English) editions of Edward Whittemore's books available these days, it seems appropriate to add links to online articles and reviews in languages other than English. Below are a few that I have found by googling or have been alerted to by Jean-Daniel Breque.

Quarante Deux - Introduction to the French Edition of Sinai Tapestry by Gerard Klein
Husets Forlag - Promotional blurb for the Danish version of Quin's Shanghai Circus - includes a downloadable pdf that contains the cover image and the first chapter of the novel.
L'Express - Review of Sinai Tapestry by Jean-Claude Dunyach
ActuSF - review of Jerusalem Poker by Magda Dorner

What's New - December 2005
The 2006 Edward Whittemore calendar is available for download here (pdf 1.24mb).
A Danish edition of Quin's Shanghai Circus has just been published. Check out the Covers page for images of the cover.
The cover of the French edition of Jerusalem Poker named in French "Jerusalem au Poker" has been added to the Covers page. Thanks once again to Jean-Daniel Breque for scanning it and sending it to me.

What's New - August 2005
There is an article in the Christian Science Monitor about Edward Whittemore. The link to the online version is here

What's New - June 2005
Exclusive to Jerusalem Dreaming - Whittemore in Jerusalem - poetry and sketches by Helen Bar-Lev.
Helen Bar-Lev is an artist and poet who lives in Jerusalem. Edward Whittemore shared her life in that city from 1982 to 1987. Helen has sent me a virtual treasure trove of Whittemore related material and I am very grateful to her for allowing me to reproduce her sketches and poems on this website. You can purchase the sketches as limited signed prints for US$32.00 each (including shipping). Here is your chance to acquire rare Whittemore ephemera at a very reasonable price.

What's New - April 2005
The cover of the French edition of Sinai Tapestry named in French "Le Codex Du Sinai" has been added to the Covers page. Thanks to Jean-Daniel Breque for sending it.

What's New - February 2005
I occasionally do a Google search on Whittemore to see if any new references to him and his books have appeared on the Internet. Recently I discovered a new cover image for a German paperback edition of Jericho Mosaic. I have subsequently added it to the Covers page.

What's New - December 2004
I have created an Edward Whittemore 2005 Calendar and it is available for download in electronic format (pdf 1.17mb).

What's New - September 2004
Just in - a new quote from non other than Tom Robbins:
"One of the best-kept secrets in American literature, the novels of the mysterious Edward Whittemore are like bowls of hashish pudding: rich, dark, tasty, amusing, intoxicating, revelatory, a little bit outlandish and a little bit unsafe."

What's New - August 2004
The Dutch edition of Sinai Tapestry has been published July 2004. More details on the publication are on the Covers page. Rienk Tychon has sent me some lovely promotional brochures for the publication which I will be adding to the site shortly.
Thank you Alex Buslaev aka Vorchun for providing more information on the Russian version of Sinai Tapestry - see Covers page for details.

What's New - June 2004
I have added a new cover image for Sinai Tapestry. It's from a Russian version of the novel and I found it at this site:

What's New - April 2004
21 April 2004 - A new contribution to First Impressions has just been added. This has come from the Dutch publisher Rienk Tychon. A great story quite in keeping with the spirit of the Edward Whittemore Appreciation Society.

What's New - February 2004
I have added some links to off-site articles available elsewhere on the Internet to the general Articles page for easy accessibilty.
A new cover image for Sinai Tapestry has been added to the Covers page. It's a cover for a Dutch Edition which will be published in August 2004. Thanks to Rienk Tychon for the contribution.

There is a review of the Whittemore books in the 13 February issue of The Times Literary Supplement. It is called "Defenders of Jerusalem" and is by Stanley Trachtenberg and is quite good. If any one would like a copy I can forward it to you via email or in hard copy.

What's New - September 2003
Jeff VanderMeer's wonderful review of the Quartet has been added to Articles.

What's New - July 2003
10 July 2003 - added a new contribution to First Impressions
The Atlantic Online Forum has selected Sinai Tapestry as their book of the month for July. Check it out and make a contribution.

What's New - June 2003
Fantastic Metropolis has just posted a feature on Edward Whittemore - two excerpts and my essay which was originally published in the New York Review of Science Fiction in January this year.

What's New - May 2003
The June issue of Harpers Magazine has an essay by David Cozy on Edward Whittemore called "The Maximalist - Rediscovering Edward Whittemore's epic invention". It's a very good article, well worth reading.
Gary K Wolfe's review of the 5 Whittemore books which was first published in Locus Magazine March 2003 Issue has been added to Articles.

What's New - April 2003
A new contribution to First Impressions added 8 April 2003.

A big thank you to Jeff VanderMeer for alerting me to this really amazing promo for the Whittemore books on Book Munch which incidently is a very cool literary site.

What's New - March 2003
Gary K Wolfe has reviewed all the Whittemore books in the March 2003 Issue of Locus Magazine.

9 March 2002 - added the introductions to the new OEB editions of Quin, Jerusalem Poker, Nile Shadows & Jericho Mosaic to the Articles page.

Six or so new reviews have been added to the Articles page

A bibliography of reviews/articles has been compiled with the invaluable assistance of Mike Simanoff.

What's New - February 2003
A new contribution to First Impressions added 5 February 2003 - more wanted!

Two more old press reviews have been added to the Articles page.

Yours truly has an essay published in the January 2003 issue of the New York Review of Science Fiction.

Jeff Topham has a review of Quin's Shanghai Circus in The Third Alternative. A version of this review is on the Louisville Eccentric Observer. You can also read it here in Articles

Jeff VanderMeer's review of The Jerusalem Quartet can still be viewed on Locus Online under Reviews 11/11/02

Jeff also had a review of Quin's Shanghai Circus on the SF Site - December page.


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